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To achieve the status of master in poker and live roulette online you need, first, to have a talent, and second, to study the whole perfections of the game. It's not as easy as it seems at first glance. Poker - a very difficult game. You can start with the passage of any school of poker and live roulette online. Having thoroughly studied the rules and dismantling the solution of typical situations in the game, you can begin to practice. This experience you can only get at the poker table or liver roulette online game. The more frequent and closer you play poker, the more you analyze every game as successful and failing one, the more likely, pretty soon, you'll be on a par with the masters of poker and live roulette online.

But there is another component of professional poker game. A true player has to be a good psychologist, to be able to "read" the mood of the opponent's by his body language gestures as he unwittingly spoken words. On this basis, it is possible to estimate what cards in the hands of other players are, who are bluffing and who is not. Furthermore, it is important to be able to hide your emotions, regardless of whether you come good card or not. The ability to keep so-called "poker face" is very important for successful game. How to learn to recognize non-verbal cues of players at the poker table and live roulette online game? There are few things, that are worth paying attention to.

Each player tries to hide the cards from the opponent, but on how he keeps them in his hands, you can roughly determine the good cards or not. Unfortunate combination of cards a player is trying to hold less in his hands, lay them carelessly. He can put them on the table, and take only as needed. If successful combination of cards, the player usually pays a lot more attention, laying them carefully and slowly, as if enjoying the anticipation of victory.

The pose of player can also speak a lot. When a successful game, people inadvertently demonstrate the confidence and strength. Back straight, relaxed hands, the player can sit back or front, slightly lean forward, wondering with the game. If the cards are poor, a person experiences depression, as evidenced by the drooping shoulders and bent back. If the rate of live roulette online game is not very high, or the player is too afraid to lose, but realizes that he can’t win, he is likely to lose interest in the game, which will also be seen in the laid-back view.

Knowing these simple tips and hints, you will be able to play live roulette online and poker confidently and successfully.